Equstrian club for adults

In the adults' horsemanship club, you can enjoy the peacefulness of the country environment in the company of horses, learn new skills or brush up on old skills, meet like-minded people and get to know the stable's horses and other animals. In the horsemanship club, the activities are focused on learning good horse skills in a safe operating environment with well-trained, kind horses - Club lessons do not include riding, if you want to ride, I recommend participating in the activity under individual guidance. You can find a description of individual guidance in the introductory moments.

The club meets in January-March 2023 on Fridays at 17:00-18:30. You can come first if you want to try and get to know an individual club, or if you want to buy a card for three or five visits and participate when it suits you. The cards are valid for 3 months.

The duration of the club session is 1.5 hours, the number of participants is a maximum of 9 people/club

Close your work week relaxed by the horses and have a nice start to the weekend 😊
Come alone, with a friend, support person or with a member of your family. 
Welcome  🐴

1 x 35.00 €/person

3x card 100.00 €

5x card 155.00 €