Equine assisted services Kotka-Hamina

Welcome to the South Slope farm

Equine assisted services

Gently present -  the horse as an interlocutor and enabler. 

 I offer equine assisted services: 

  • as a form of rehabilitation support for individuals or groups
  • as an experience and work well-being services 
  • as a low threshold guided equine activity for everyone who likes animals. 

I also offer horse riding and horsemanship skills with the same equine friendly principles.

You dont´t need any previous experience with horses.  


Come to visit us alone or together with a friend, a support person or a family member. Book your own horse time and  come to get to know us.

What kind of equine moments would you like to have? Tell me and we can plan together your special moment.

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The best way to reach me is by email or WhatsApp message. You can also call or leave a message.

Visits must always be arranged in advance.

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Hevosavusteiset palvelut Kotka Hamina, Equine assisted services Kotka-Hamina

Reitkallintie 438, 49520 Hamina 

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