All new visitors are warmly welcome! 

You are very welcome to get to know our animal and horse-assisted activities!

Our equine- and animal-assisted low-threshold operation is easily approachable for everyone. There are no special requirements to participate in the activity.

Some of our activities are free of charge. The "Meeting place Hevostalli" events allow visits to the farm for everyone interested in equine-assisted activities, regardless of age or abilities. 


You are warmly welcome to get to know us!
You are warmly welcome to get to know us!

We also organize horse-assisted low-threshold activities in individual and small group guidance, familiarization visits, courses and horse skills guidance for those interested in horses of different ages and levels.


Come as you are and get to know us. You can relax and enjoy the moment with the horses and the other animals of our farm in a beautiful rural environment.

Come to visit us alone or together with a friend, a support person, a family member or a workplace stakeholder group. 

A larger group can also come to get to know the horses and the stable environment for a relaxing moment. The main focus of the activity during the visit is feeling, wondering and admiring the beautiful animals. On a guided visit, we get to know the stable environment, horses and other animals of the farm by observing their species-typical behavior, gestures and expressions, their natural essence in their own habitat.

Book your own equine time and come to get to know us. 



In functional small groups, each participant have the opportunity to work with horses in practice and learn about communicating with and caring for horses from their own starting points. The functional small group size/group is 3 people. Each participant get to know both the herd and the individual "own" care horse. The content of the visits is adjusted according to the wishes and goals of the group.

The subject areas can be:  the horse's species-typical needs and behavior., caring for and grooming the horse, equipment use for differerent purposes, importance of hoof care, correct feeding.

Come and enjoy the peace of the countryside and the peaceful presence of horses. The groups start according to registrations. You can book a standard lesson once a week or whatever suits you best. You can come with your friends or join a group.

 Here's a small video glimpse of a summer moment with the horses: