Getting to know us


During the visit the main focus is getting to know the horses, the stable environment and our other animals on the farm. Come and book your own horse-scented moment.

Introduction includes a guided  tour in the South Slope farm, you can also observe and watch the horses and other animals a little further or closer, as you like and wich feels good and safe to you.  You can feel the warm breath of the horse and pet the horses if you want. Barn bunnies are also happy to receive guests in their own kingdom.

Duration of the familiarization tour approx. 30 min., price 10 €/person, minimum number of participants 3 persons/familiarization moment.

Duration and content of the visit can be taylored to your group.


You can also book an individual visit just for you, or you can come with a friend or a support person. In this case, the duration of the visit is 30 min - 90 min, as you wish. The content of the visit will be implemented according to your wishes. Getting to know each other and having fun together at your own pace, based on your own starting points. The activity is all the joint activities that we can do in the stable environment with our friends' horses and other animals.

Presence, being in contact with the horse, horse grooming, care and familiarization. We can also go on a forest with horses riding or walking with them after the initial steps and getting to know each other,  according to your own skill level.

Let's make a horse moment that looks just like you!

Contact, +358 (0) 400 659 830, Marjaana Korhonen