Equine assisted services and activities as a rehabilitation support service

Equine assisted nature moment
Equine assisted nature moment

Equine assisted services and activities as a form of rehabilitation support for the needs of child protection and other special groups.

Equine assisted activities as a support service for rehabilitation is goal-oriented and documented, the service includes either a narrow or extensive reporting of the visits, depending on the customer. Goals of equine- and animal-assisted service can be related to, for example, emotional work, expressing feelings or needs, strengthening self-esteem and making social situations easier. Working can strengthen choice-making, creativity and courage. 

Equine-assisted activities have yielded good results for different customer target groups, even to the extent that heavy support measures have been broken down into lighter forms of support. The good effects of stable visits remain for several days after the stable visits or have been permanently transferred to everyday life.

I have worked  with a special group of clients from a wide variety of backgrounds: the autism spectrum, children and youths at risk of exclusion, mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation, intellectually disabled, mobility-impaired, various sensory hypersensitivity. and clients of child and family work.

In my guidance, I strive for client participation, giving space and time, active listening and lively interaction, dialogue and questioning guidance. My goal as an instructor is to create an atmosphere of trust and safety, to see, hear and meet people as my true self. Joy, humor and laughter - positive energy are good tools in the toolbox.

Equine-assisted activity as a rehabilitation support service as an individual and small group activity.

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