Evening moments

Come and calm down at the end of the day at the evening stables with the horses. Let's stop, sit down and listen in the quiet peaceful stable while the horses eat hay.

Listening to the rustling of hay is meditative in itself, real stable mindfulness. Various physical awareness exercises can also be added to the evening moments.

Evening moment 30 min for a group of 3 people 10 €/person, or as individual guidance 30 €

Evening moment 45 min for a group of 3 people 15 €/person, individual guidance 45 €

Evening  moments Mon-Fri between 18:00 and 18:45 depending on your choice, half an hour or three quarters of an hour

What kind of evening moment would you like? Contact us and book your own stable-scented horse moment. marjaana.korhonen@hevosavusteinen.fi