Ensuring physical, psychological and social safety in the service and operation for both the customer, the horse and the instructor. The values ​​of the operation are ethics, reliability, kindness, honesty, relevance and comprehensive well-being. Enabling the achievement and availability of equal service by means of additional assistance and support services for customers coming from different starting points.

The power of presence - new aspects of meeting the horse and discovering yourself. Horses are together with people as active agents and enablers.


Reliable, high-quality and ethical operations and services:

  • Taking care of the horse's well-being, taking into account the species-typical needs of horses in living conditions
  • Suitable and trained horses, safe equipment
  • High-quality, clean and safe operating environment. Environmental responsibility. Responsibility in the carbon footprint of one's own activities, avoiding waste, procurement of materials, tools and feed from local producers and sellers as far as possible. Sustainable development, functional further processing of manure, waste management and recycling.
  • Fire safety, up-to-date safety document and EA training (EA1 and EA2),
  • The operator is responsible for the security of the services throughout the operation in accordance with the law and regulations. In all operations, the laws that regulate them (Finlex, Tukes, Food Agency) and regulations and good manners are followed.
  • Quality monitoring and management, documentation of operations
  • Non disclosure and confidentiality are taken into account in the service.
  • The insurance for the service has been taken care of and the customer is informed about the insurance coverage 
  • Profitability in business operations The cornerstone of operations in equine assistance is the well-being of the customer and the horses.
  • the activity is guided by a trained professional in the field, see introduction