My horses are a tight, unified herd that can be worked with so that the horses are free either in the field or in the stable.

When free, the horse has a great opportunity to be an active actor and influencer in horse-assisted work. The horse challenges people to interact with its own natural being, if only we know how to listen to it.


My friends and work partners


Always eager and curious. 


Herd guard, observer, support and security. 

Rahe in memoriam

Gentle and empathetic Rahe. 

The horses Räppäri (Räppar Rokkar Poeg), Rahe and Arizona live in a open shed stable, the horses are allowed to be and live together, to live the typical life of a horse: to be in social and physical contact with each other, to scratch each other, to be present and close.

Living in a open shed stable also allows you to make choices, the horses can choose whether they are inside or outside. The horses have room to move, fresh air and a place to rest even when lying down. The horses don't have to spend long periods of time in separate boxes apart from each other. This also supports the horses' mental well-being. Horses are social herd animals, they need to be in contact with their species partners. The herd creates security for the horse. The well-being of horses is also reflected in the well-being of us humans.

My horses have been in this same place in the same herd since 2011, 12 years of living and feeling together. We have a long history together, I know my horses and they know me. This also creates security for customer work.