Customer instructions

General instructions for stables and equine assisted service entrants

What to wear in the stables, the most important things are practicality and safety, shoes and clothes suitable for the stable are water and dirt repellent. The clothes must not hinder movement, i.e. they must be the right size and comfortable. Weather conditions must be taken into account. It's cool in the stable, and especially in the cold weather you should dress up warmly. Wearing  layers is convenient because you can reduce or add layers of clothing.

When wearing stable clothing, you must avoid anything that can catch, or tighten, such as large jewelrie, hoods, and neckerchiefs. Horses may be frightened by fluttering and rustling clothes. Long hair is good to tie in a ponytail. 

IMPORTANT: it is advisable not to go different stables with the same clothin, because the horses may carry contagious diseases that spread from one stable to another through shoes and clothing. Between stable changes, clothes and shoes should be changed or washed and cleaned carefully.

If you don't have your own helmet, you can also borrow one from us. The use of a thin beanie is recommended with a loaner helmet for hyienic reasons. A hat or beanie without a tassel is suitable, so that the helmet fits well on the head. A helmet must be worn during riding, and it is also recommended to wear a helmet when working with a horse. It's good to keep the gloves on when walking the horse, this way you have a good grip on the rope. 

There are always risks when working with horses, the horses are prey animals with well developed fight or flight response. Risks are minimized by good operational planning, anticipation and compliance with agreed rules and instructions. The equine-assisted service uses well-trained and calm horses in a safe, well-maintained environment.


There is still approx. 300 m of yard road from Reitkallintie to the stables. There are three mailboxes along the neighbor's yard road, from here on coming from Kotka (towards Uuperi) another 10 m. At the end of the yards on the Reitkallintie side, there is a white road sign, where the house number is 438.

The intersection comes quickly so drive slowly not to miss it. The big horse farm next to Reitkallintie belongs to the neighbors, South Slope Farm (Etelärinteen tila)  is behind it. The navigator does not necessarily guide you all the way to your destination, but directs you to a neighboring farm next to the road.


Reservations are binding. In private services , cancellation no later than one day before the reserved service. If the cancellation takes place on the same day, we will charge 50% of the service price, if the service is not cancelled and the customer does not arrive, the service price will be charged in full. In cases of illness, the appointment can be postponed to a later time.

In group services , including courses, camps, cancellation must be made 10 days before the start of the service, otherwise we charge the full price of the service. In cases of illness, cancellation is possible with a doctor's/nurse's certificate even later, in which case we refund half of the camp price. Advance payment for camps (which is half of the price of the camp) is not refundable. The advance payment for the camps is invoiced upon registration, the final amount is invoiced later, the due date is 10 days before the start of the camp.

The company has the right to cancel the reservation if there is a force majeure (e.g. weather conditions, horse/driver falling ill). The customer will be notified of the cancellation without delay.


Payment methods for individuals are card payment, cash or bank transfer before starting the activity. FI05 7997 7991 1632 67 Equine-assisted services in Kotka-Hamina (Holvi, company account). For account transfer as a message, e.g. individual control name and date. For companies, communities, organizations and associations, online invoicing or an invoice as a pdf attachment to an email address. 


Horse-assisted services Kotka-Hamina has not insured its customers in case of an accident. We recommend that everyone participating in horse activities/riding services need to have their own accident insurance. Hevosavusteiset Palvelut Kotka-Hamina have taken care of its own insurances.


From the button below, you can download  print and fill in the preliminary information form for equine-assisted services, please bring it with you  the first time. We can plan together and think about a horse experience that fits your goals. You can also just look at the necessary information on the form and write it on, for example, square paper, it is also possible to send the information to me by e-mail without the actual form. If you send information by e-mail, you must take into account individual protection, i.e. fill in the information without identifiable personal information. If you find it difficult to fill out the form, let's do it here together. In this case, you do not need to print or fill out the form in advance, only 15-30 minutes of additional time will be reserved for filling out the form during the first visit.

It is important for me to get to know all the factors that influence the planning of the service package: your wishes, your goals and possible other factors such as the need for assistance, special needs or if you have, for example, some previous bad experiences when working with horses.


Your feedback is important to me for the development of our services

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