Hi, I'm Marjaana Korhonen and I have made my big dream come true, a horse activity of my own with my beloved horses at my small home stables in Hamina's Reitkalli. Horses have always played a big role in my life, now that I'm older I notice that my relationship with horses has changed. When I was younger, doing things was more performance-oriented, today horses are my work partners, friends and family members. The well-being of horses and the comprehensive consideration of their species-typical physical, mental and social needs is important to me. The well-being of horses is directly reflected in the well-being of us humans.


  • Producing horse-assisted services, Training Center Salpaus, 2022
  • Entrepreneur coaching training 2012
  • Centered Riding level 1st level instructor 2011, Heinlahti
  • Horse hobby instructor, Training Center Salpaus, Asikkala 2010
  • Disabled riding instructor, SRL and Horse College, Ypäjä 2009
  • Horse care, Horse University, Ypäjä 2009
  • Artisan, bookbinder, Tyrvää School of Handicrafts and Crafts 1995
  • Mercantile academy, public administration, Kotka business school 1991
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Institute of Marketing 1986
  • High school diploma, Hakala high school 1984


Several riding and horsemanship courses and training (proper position, centered riding, basics of the Alexander technique, working from the ground, western riding reining, working horse, horsemanship and round fencing)

Handicraft courses: fish skin tanning, felting, metal graphics, ceramics, sculpture, silver work, empowering photography.


I have worked in agriculture, been a laboratory intern, a salesperson, a store manager, an art craftsman, a bookbinder, a professional, a family home worker, an afternoon activity supervisor for special groups, a 4H activity supervisor, a personal assistant, a stable worker, a stable master, a riding instructor, a horsemanship instructor and a trainer. A journey of a lifetime with these horses, hopefully there are still many new paths to travel.